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October 17, 2013

A wedding is a once in a lifetime ceremony which requires perfect organization. One important part of the ceremony involves feeding the guests. The best way to go about feeding on this day is employ services of a catering firm. If the wedding ceremony is to be done in Houston, the services of one of the many wedding catering Houston TX are essential.

You need to identify one company whose services are pleasant to you and agree on what you expect from them as you settle on the charges as well. There are 19 companies in Houston who do catering for weddings. The companies have different ways of pleasing their clients and so try to provide creative catering services to add value to their output.

The number of guests you expect in the wedding ceremony and the nature of catering services will dictate the choice of company to hire for Houston wedding catering. A company like The Magnolia Hotel with a capacity of 20 guests and no outside catering facilities may be the best choice for a small ceremony where specific guests are invited.

If you have a big list of guests and you wish to have the ceremony done in an open area, then outside catering services will be the ultimate choice.  An individual will have to pick one of the many catering companies in Houston that can handle a large group like The Black-eyed Pea Catering Company, The Master Chef Catering Company amongst many others.

Many wedding caterers in Houston TX do charge a relatively fixed prices for the services offered. The fixed charges are based on the number of guests since the charge is per head. The total price varies based on the number of guests to be served and the number of dishes to be prepared.

The type of food really matters for instance if party wants an International Cuisine, then more money will be paid as compared to if a regular American fare type of food is used.  If the same caterers are in charge of Wine and wedding cake, then the wedding catering prices automatically goes up.

The type of catering service chosen also determines the charges. If it is a buffet style then charges are less costly as compared to if it’s a sit down dinner one. Some of the famous wedding caterers in Houston  who have been in the business for long and can provide further advice include Astral Catering, The Cleopatra Catering and Bar Services, The Rosemary’s Catering Katy amongst many others. These wedding catering Houston TX Companies will provide necessary advised when approached for help. For more information on this topic, you can visit the website

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Houston Catering for Any Type of Events

August 13, 2013

Catering service is one of the most useful help that one could tap especially when you have an expected event ahead of you. These events could vary in terms of food and drink needs but catering personnel exactly knows what to do with whatever needs that you have. Houston catering is very flexible no matter what event you wanted to celebrate. Just tell the provider what do you want and they will work on it as soon as possible.  
Here are some of the events that it could cover:
Small and Big Private Party. Whether it is a plain birthday party or a welcome party, caterers will be able to give you what you need. Usual teenager’s party may include simple finger foods and overflowing drinks. On the other hand, birthday party for kids may focus more on food rather than drinks. Aside from good menu list, the event organizer could also provide music DJ’s as a free additional service.
Weddings. Dallas catering is specialized in servicing receptions. Food and drinks being served in the reception hall should go accordingly to what have been planned by the groom and bride. The service includes waiting, ushering and facilitating the event. Wedding guests are well entertained if the flow of food and drinks are well organized.
Corporate Events. Since this is a high profile event, the catering service is also brought to the next level. The good thing about seasoned caterer is the ability to be flexible from catering small events to the big ones. The class and style of the service is admirable. Corporate event should be matched with a high profile list of menu.
The above mentioned events are not the only events that this service is covering. Austin catering can cover different events at a time like fundraisers, debut, luncheon, grand opening and many more. This kind of service will free an individual from stressing him/herself about planning what food and drinks to be served for the guests. Know your event well and tap the right service.

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